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  • Detlev Buchholz, Universität Göttingen
        Long Range Interactions and Structure of Charge Classes in QFT
  • Sebastiano Carpi, Università di Chieti-Pescara
        Conformal Nets and Noncommutative Geometry
  • Alain Connes, Collège de France and IHES
        Recent Advances in the Spectral Model
  • Joachim Cuntz, Universität Münster
        Number Theory and Operators on Hilbert Space
  • Sergio Doplicher, Sapienza Università di Roma
        The Measurement Process in Local Quantum Theory
  • Rudolph Haag, Universität Hamburg
        Objects, Events and Reality in Quantum Physics
  • Masaki Izumi, RIMS Kyoto
        Group Actions on Kirchberg Algebras
  • Victor Kac, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
        Algebraic Theory of Integrable Partial Differential Equations
  • Yasuyuki Kawahigashi, Tokyo University
        Conformal Field Theory, Operator Algerbras and Tensor Categories
  • Gandalf Lechner, Universität Leipzig
        Non-Local Perturbations of Hyperbolic PDEs and QFT on
        Noncommutative Spacetimes

  • Claudia Pinzari, Sapienza Università di Roma
        Connected Components of Compact Matrix Quantum Groups
  • Sorin Popa, University of California, Los Angeles
        A II1 Factor Approach to the Kadison-Singer Problem
  • Karl-Henning Rehren, Universität Göttingen
        "Chiral Quantum Cloning"
  • Katarzyna Rejzner, Istituto Nazionale di Alta Matematica
        Interplay between Gravity and Quantum Physics from the
        Point of View of General Local Covariance

  • Christophe Salomon, Ecole Normale Supérieure Paris
        Quantum Simulation with Ultracold Atoms
  • Robert Seiringer, IST Austria
        Microscopic Derivation of Ginzburg-Landau Theory
  • Yoh Tanimoto, Universität Göttingen
        Operator Algebraic Construction of Two-Dimensional Quantum Field Models
  • Stefaan Vaes, KU Leuven
        Von Neumann Algebras and Ergodic Theory of Group Actions
  • Dan-Virgil Voiculescu, University of California, Berkeley
        Free Probability with Left and Right Variables
  • Simone Warzel, Technische Universität München
        Spectral Properties of the Quantum Random Energy Model
  • Mihàly Weiner, Budapest University of Technology and Economics
        Classical Information Storage in a Quantum System
  • Feng Xu, University of California, Riverside
        On Some Subfactor Problems Motivated by Group Theory
  • Shing-Tung Yau, Harvard University
        Quasi-local Mass and Momentum in General Relativity

Public Lecturers

  • Alain Connes, Collège de France and IHES
        The Music of Shapes
  • Noam Elkies, Harvard University
        Canonical Forms: A Mathematician's View of Musical Canons

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